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Personalized services for busy entrepreneurs & business leaders
  - on a consulting, commission, specific project or retainer fee basis. 
Business relationship development
Project consulting 
Other services 
  • Channel development for companies seeking to launch their products/ services


  • Identification of local alliances or partners through market research 


  • Leads prospection, cold calls in a particular sector to meet business needs


  • Fostering networked relationships, with specific groups or organizations

  • Bringing drive and energy to a project to make it happen 


  • Creating a new service or product opportunity, in parallel with your main activity


  • Assisting busy leaders to implement new ideas and solutions in their business 


  • Coordinating services, projects and stakeholders to achieve a clear purpose

  • Marketing advice


  • Event or Trade exhibition organization


  • Organizing conferences, as an ambassador of your company

  • Agent work for public speakers

Can you think of something else I can help you with?

Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

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