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Valérie Mélignon


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From Belgium to the UK, where Valerie studied marketing, public relations and photography, she chose Paris to express her art and passion. As a professional actress for seven years, Valerie got a unique experience in the theatre, television, film and advertising industries.

With that exceptional background she started her business career in various enterprises as a sales manager and business development consultant.  

She has now many years of experience in organizing spectacular events, trade exhibitions and conferences. Her business development skills have been honed in various environments such as:

  • advertising agencies: customized promotional articles, stretchable fabric projects

  • pool & spa industry: a national trade exhibition in France

  • food service & retail markets: frozen canapés, high end hors d'oeuvres products

  • assisted living public healthcare: homecare services

  • private healthcare: creation of a start-up company in mobile services.

  • High tech: importing a Water Alarm system in the US + other countries.


Her dynamic energy, drive and relationship skills are the talents most recognized by the professionals that have worked with her over the years. She finds solutions, the right leads and makes it happen for her customers! 

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