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Kevin Manning, a leading astronomer in the US, charms and excites his audiences with captivating presentations on the Universe around us.

He has worked with Nasa and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory in astrophysics and has won national and international awards.

"Look Up to the Stars" celebrates 10 years of bringing the Universe and astronomy to people of all ages in Libraries, Schools, Country Clubs, Assisted living communities and as part of larger events.

More information on his website:

A link to one of his videos: COUNCIL BLUFFS NEWS 6-6-17:

VEM is Kevin Manning's agent in Florida

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What is AKWA Technologies?    


AKWA, the Water Alarm system. For leak prevention & detection

Amongst the best in its category in the market!



  • A reliable solution: AKWA Technologies can analyse if it's a real or false alarm and supervise all the different types of wireless sensors, thanks to bidirectional communication.

  • A Flow sensor can be added to detect invisible leaks inside the walls or/and to monitor water usage.

  • AKWA can be connected to other systems (alarm, home automation, sprinklers).

  • Scalable, customizable and easy to install for any residential or commercial buildings.

  • AKWA Concierge receives and manages water leaks alerts centrally thanks to the use of a dashboard and a web-based App. Owners, the property managers will have the necessary tools for a rapid response to take action.


AKWA Technologies monitors different leak risks, including plumbing, HVAC/ condensation, central glycol refrigeration distribution, water heaters, roof or wall infiltrations.  More information can be found on the website:

VEM Services for AKWA Technologies


Channel development for Florida, the US and the International market.

Establishing strategic relationships/partners with key companies in the plumbing, HVAC, leak 

detection, home protection & maintenance, home automation and construction sectors.


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