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My energy & drive to make
your project happen!
The catalyst for your
business relationships.

After years of practical experience in different countries, markets and industries I now apply my skills to build a service based on business relationship development & project consulting for business leaders.

Moving to the US in October 2017, I decided to leverage what many have recognized as my "special plus":

my energy & drive to:

  • SEARCH, ORGANIZE & ANALYZE your needs for your project

  • CONNECT with the right leads and partners

  • FIND the right solutions in complex situations

  • PUSH ideas or projects to make them happen

  • COORDINATE all the stakeholders involved and keep them motivated

  • NETWORK to bring new leads and visibility to your business

A customized and unique service to reach your own specific needs and ROI.

Let me know how we can help you and your business.

Valérie Mélignon, Owner/CEO

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